Who are we?

We provide short-term vacation rentals in Dubai in high standard.

We’re dedicated to providing you with the most exceptional stay possible. Our discerning eye for design means we hand-select every element of the interior, from furnishings to decor, to create a truly inviting and luxurious space for you as our valued guest. It’s our mission to make your stay memorable and comfortable, and we believe that the details matter. You can experience the difference in our thoughtfully curated and upgraded apartments. Behind the company is a professional couple “Patrik” and “Ina” who live in Dubai.

Join us, and let’s turn your Dubai dream into a reality. Ready for the InaSTAY magic? ✨🌴😎

Our name

Comes with a responsibility

Ina is a name of Filipino origin that is related to “to entertain”, “home” and “mom/motherhood”. 

Our mission:
To Entertain Create Home Give safety as a Motherhood.

We want to create a feeling in you. 

A feeling of home. A sense of of security that the child has safety with its motherhood. We want to entertain and we want to create the best stay for you to create unforgettable memories.


Ina is our Interior Designer and Property Manager. The person who designs our apartments. Our name might look like “In A Stay” but in fact it is quite simply the name of Ina. Her talent for interior design, passion and high standards for small details make every stay as an exceptional experience.


Patrik is our founder and the entrepreneurish mind behind. Patrik has a 10-year history and successful track record with business adventures and has founded- and owns several companies. His business experience makes us stand out and makes you feel more value choosing inaSTAY.

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